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What we offer

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Multilingual childcare at congresses, PR events, productions, workshops, panels

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German sign language  

Whether PR event, wedding, birthday or film production - we look after children of all ages lovingly and with a lot of imagination.    

Individually designed, loving and guaranteed entertaining children's programs:    

Movement and creative workshop, giant bubble hands-on activity, children's hands-on circus....

Everything that makes the little ones happy.

The movement workshop


Can throwing

Circus workshop (acrobatics/juggling/etc.)

Walking on stilts    Hoola Hoop

Bobby car ride (if the hotel floor allows it)    

Push baby walker/buggy

Rolling/throwing balls

Boules, ...

The creative workshop

You can make bracelets with letters, paint masks and go on a sticker safari in our creative workshop.                                                                                                                                  


   Paint masks

    Print gym bags

    Design puzzles

    Making bracelets

    Making clay figures

Our small circus tent

Younger children in particular enjoy being able to retreat to their own space at somewhat lively events. Our small tent is perfect for this. They can cuddle up there, read aloud or simply play undisturbed.

Breastfeeding mothers also like to spend time here.

    Reading area

    Cuddle corner

    Play corner: building blocks, building blocks, cars and much more.

    Toddler/baby toys

    Puppet theater figures

Giant bubbles hands-on activity

The highlight of every event is definitely the giant soap bubbles. The practical thing is that we can mix them again and again from a concentrate we make ourselves, so we can take them with us wherever we go.

    Great fun for young and old!


Ideas for the course of the program:

There is a room or a tent in which the base is located with both the creative workshop and the movement workshop.

There, the children can do crafts, read, run around and simply play freely to their heart's content.

In the circus school, which is open all day, the children can try their hand at all circus disciplines. Whether acrobatics, juggling or clowning. There is sure to be something for every child.

The piñata has become a very popular game at every party. We bring the filled piñata with us and off we go. A romper la piñata!

The piñata can be filled with glitter tattoos, which the children can then either take home with them or have "tattooed" on their skin.

In addition, fun balloon animals, flowers, swords, Indian hats and much more can be knotted afterwards or at any time in between.

The creative workshop is also open all day, where visitors can design their own puzzles or magnets, knot bracelets on letters and beads and paint masks.

The highlight of the children's program is of course the giant bubble blowing activity. Great fun for everyone. We have the right sticks for every age group and the most beautiful giant bubbles can be created.

Children's disco - Let's dance! The candy bar is available at every high


01/19 - 01/23

Includes a caregiver for a maximum of 7 children aged 2 and over, as well as




up to 20 kids

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01/19 - 01/23

Klicken Sie hier, um eigene Inhalte hinzuzufügen oder verbinden Sie Datenquellen aus Ihrer Kollektion.



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